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What is a Virus?

A computer virus is a program that replicates itself by copying itself to another program. In other words, computer virus replicates or spreads by copying itself into other executable programs or documents. Computer virus is created to first infect then get access and control a computer to steal user important data. Viruses are designed by hackers with a venomous intent and also to trick online users into getting exactly what they want.

How Virus Spreads

Emails: Email is one of the ideal methods by which viruses– opening the attachments in emails

Unsecured Websites: visiting unsecured websites, viewing

Executable files: clicking on executables file that are infected can cause the virus to spread to your system. Outside that, infections also contacted while

External Devices: connecting with infected removable storage devices, such as USB drives and Phones can put your device at great risk of virus infection.

While some viruses can be playful in intent and effect, others can be destroying and damaging to a PC. This includes Deleting data and causing damage to your hard disk.

What are signs of Virus?

A virus attack may produce different noticeable symptoms; below are some tips to easily recognize an attack

  1. Pop-up Windows: You get some strange notification windows popping up encouraging you to visit some website to download some software antivirus especially.
  2. Changes to your browser homepage. Your homepage maybe caused to change to a different website, for instance anytime you open a web browser. Sometime you are unable to reset it even if you reset the browser features it keeps returning to that specific URL.
  3. Your email account sending mass email without your permission. This is an act done by criminals when they get total control of your email account, they send these emails via another effective computer.
  4. A crash of your device can be caused by a virus, a virus can inflict major damages on your device
  5. Sudden slow performance can be a strong evidence for the presence of virus in your device. This can slow down the booting of your device or even slow startup
  6. Presence of unknown programs starting up with your device can be a sign that a virus is within.

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