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How to Extract, Copy Text from Any Dialog Box

Sometimes when working on your PC you might experience some dialogue boxes popping up, error messages and you want to actually send it or put down the text displayed on the dialogue box.

The easiest method majority of computer users use is by typing the text displayed on the dialog box. This can be tedious at times especially when the text being displayed is many. If you have been facing this and been wishing that there is a tool you can use for this in order to copy the text being displayed in a dialog box, here is a good news for you, I want to introduce to you a tool and software called Textify.

Taxtify is a tool used for copying or extracting text displayed in dialog boxes. It is a very small sized software easy to install and use with just a mouse click using the shortcut of your choice. A lot of techies use this tool to extract text for passing their messages across to software vendors or developers, you too can use it for any purpose

There are other functions built into the software.

  1. You can copy text from any window of your choice in your PC with just a click
  2. You can search through the web with the added functions of
  • Doing a Google search, a Wikipedia search, DuckDuckGo search
  • Translating the text if in another language to the language of your choice using Google Translate

To download Textify visit this link here to download the updated version.

If you know other tools that can be used for this purpose, please share at the comments section below.

To know how to use Textify you can watch our video on youtube here

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