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How To Test Your Keyboard for KeyStroke Problem

Replacing the Desktop keyboards is easy and relatively cheap, but for Laptops it isn’t as it is integrated and maybe expensive depending of the model of computer and keyboard design. There are times when you want to test the functionality of a keyboard, most especially when you discover that a key is pressing itself you may have different options actually ...

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How to Move Archived Mail from a PST File to Office 365

Summary: When it comes to moving archived PST email to Office 365, you can choose to import the files with a few steps. However, migration may not be smooth when importing large-sized PST files to an Office 365 account. While most of the migration process may fare well, there’s a possibility that some of your email data might become corrupt ...

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How to Extract, Copy Text from Any Dialog Box

Sometimes when working on your PC you might experience some dialogue boxes popping up, error messages and you want to actually send it or put down the text displayed on the dialogue box. The easiest method majority of computer users use is by typing the text displayed on the dialog box. This can be tedious at times especially when the ...

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Reduce Data Usage On Your Device

Hello, it’s time for us to learn about how to save data while using our pc or mobile device for surfing the internet. In the series of tutorial, you’re going to learn a lot about data saving, setting up of your browsers, how to save data, recommended applications to help you optimise the use of your data bundle subscription for ...

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How to Turn Website Content to PDF

Sometimes you read some articles on the internet and wish to have it on a hard copy, but this is something you have to figure out yourself on how you could get that achieved within some seconds instead of printing it out on paper you can just get it in form of pdf all cleaned out. Is this that easy? ...

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How Do I Remove My Information From The Internet

How do I remove my information from the internet? Especially with modern issues on online privacy and government monitoring information has become a major concern for users. From Social media to expert portfolio and shopping accounts the society is deeply into the internet. The internet is inescapable as it plays a great role in our daily activities. For every activity ...

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How to Download a Video From YouTube

Sometimes you love to keep the videos you view online, especially videos watched on YouTube. To get a video from YouTube you just need to get the video link. On Mobile Phones Goto your YouTube App or browser while video is opened Click short button Click copy link Go back to a browser Visit SavefromNet Enter the URL by pasting video ...

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