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Three simple Android Tracking strategies you can use to find your smartphone even though the device is totally shut down

“Are you looking for a way to discover your stolen Android phone?”. Whether you’re in search of your very own smartphone or you’re not, you’re on the right part by visiting this blog.

In this post, we will discuss on some special strategies that could be used to find a lost Android cellphone.

Strategy 1: Tracking your lost or off Android Without App but with the use of Google Location History

If you’ve enabled the location services icon on your Android phone, then it means even though it’s not on, we could still have a possibility to track it through Google because it keeps the Android’s history of the places it has been to.

The location history of an android can be seen via the ‘Google profile Timeline’. It includes accurate details of the phone’s date, time and location.

An Android that is shut down is not able to connect to the internet hence you would not be able to locate the exact environment it is at the moment. But however, you might be capable of seeing the last environment in which the phone connected to the network before it was shut down.

The ‘Timeline’ indicates the complete history of the vicinity of your device.

Follow the instructions below to look your cell phone’s timeline:

  1. Open Google Maps in the browser.
  2. Log in to the Google Account that’s configured in the lost device.
  3. Expand the Menu on the left side.
  4. Go to ‘Your Timeline’.
  5. Filter by using ‘Today’ to slim down the tour direction.

The last entry will provide you with a demonstration of the cutting-edge vicinity of your telephone.

Strategy 2: Using Google Find My Device


The 2nd strategy used to find a misplaced Android telephone is ‘Find My Device’ made by Google. It comes as part of Google Play Security on Android cell phones

The Android device you are looking for must be configured with your Gmail Account. You may have multiple phones linked with your Gmail account. But ‘Find My Device’ makes use of a Gmail account to hook up with your misplaced phone via GPS.

This strategy may be used when your device meets the following instructions

  • It is turned on.
  • It is hooked up to the net.
  • It has the ‘Location’ enabled.
  • It is signed in to the Google Account.
  • It is seen inside the Google Play.
  • It has the ‘Find My Device’ enabled.

Now Finding your misplaced Android cellphone with Google’s Find My Device is as followed.

  1. First go to the Find My Device
  2. Second choose the lost device from the list of available cell phones.
  3. The vicinity of the misplaced phone is pinpointed on the Map.

Strategy 3: Track using Samsung’s Find My Mobile

You can use this feature if you had set up a Samsung Account on your misplaced phone. The device must also be connected to the Internet, and location services ought to be enabled.

If you’ve got ‘Send Last Location’ enabled in your Samsung phone, the device can send its environment to the server if the battery is going all the way down to a certain percent.

How to Find Lost Samsung with Find My Mobile?

Following the instructions below, you can find the misplaced smartphone:

  1. Go to Find My Mobile in any other phone browser.
  2. Sign in to the Samsung account.
  3. See left sidebar.
  4. Select your misplaced Samsung device.
  5. Click ‘Locate my device’.

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