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Eradicating Chrome Virus Pop-up’s on Android device

Chrome pop-up viruses are becoming very frequent and annoying, these are malware that can be found on Android devices. The cause of these viruses are mostly because of downloading infected files or apps that have their source code copied by a third party and could have malware. Hence the most important thing to do when the Chrome virus Pops up is to STOP tapping the screen immediately.

The fact that your phone is infected by a virus could be annoying and frustrating most a-times but still, it shouldn’t be the end of the world for you. Anyways you don’t have to be sad because there are at least a few strategies that can be used to remove these chrome virus pop-ups that always appears on your android screens, so let’s begin with one of the strategies that could work:

Removing Suspicious App in Android

In other to remove the Chrome virus on your Android, you can start by removing permissions that are allowed on some suspicious apps before restarting your telephone in secured mode. This will save them from causing issues when your smartphone is restarted.

  • Go to Settings then Security & Location
  • Scroll down and click the Advanced
  • Click the Device Admin Apps
  • Remove the permissions for any suspicious app by switching off the icon beside it.

Next Restart into safe mode

  1. Press and hold the on to the power button till the menu bar opens
  2. Touch and hold the Power Off button till the safe mode screen open

3. Tap Ok to restart in Safe mode


Uninstall Third-party apps or suspicious apps

Open Settings

Choose Apps & notifications and select any App that may look suspicious

Note: sometimes these viruses are caused by apps that come from third-party source and not Play Store. So, you have to look for apps you didn’t consider installing or which have suspicious names. Also, keep an eye out for apps that doesn’t have any name and which might be looking to “hide”.

Next step, click Uninstall to uninstall

Click Ok

Reboot your smartphone and check if the pop-up virus still shows up.

Note: Remember to check all your apps (most especially if you’re having many pages of apps) and uninstall anything suspicious that would be inflicting the malware.

Switch on Play Protect

Play Protect is inside Play Store and it could scan your app when you deploy a brand new one to check for viruses. It may even periodically test your device to test for probably harmful third-party applications.

Open Play Store on your device

Click on the User Icon that is a letter at the top right of the screen

Click on Play protect and check if it’s turned on

Or use this

Click on Settings (the cog on the top right of the display) and pick Scan apps with Play Protect.

Once it’s enabled, return to Play Protect click on Scan.

Wait for the test to be finished and follow any necessary moves immediately.

Switching off Google chrome Pop-ups

A different way that could be used to remove this pop-up is Google chrome

Click on Google Chrome app and create a new tab

Select more (the three dots at the top right corner of your android device screen)

Select Settings and then Site settings

Then click on the Pop-ups and redirects

Click on it and switch it off

Resetting Google Chrome

If the strategies above failed then you can consider trying to reset Google Chrome to its former settings. This will eliminate Chrome’s website settings, cookies, cache, and any other info that has been saved.

Resetting Google Chrome

If the strategies above failed then you can consider trying to reset Google Chrome to its former settings. This will eliminate Chrome’s website settings, cookies, cache, and any other info that has been saved.

Open Setting and click on Apps & notifications

Scroll till you see Chrome then you click on it

Tap Storage

Then click on clear storage and then Ok

Usage of Antivirus

To save you the stress from this Chrome pop-up virus from occurring again and again, you can consider using the antivirus software program. By the use of one of the higher Android antivirus apps, you may extensively lessen the threat of any malware infecting your smartphone.

A brilliant option is Malwarebytes Free. This is one of the most popular and well-used anti-malware apps for Android in the world.

Open the Play Store App and look up “Malwarebytes”

Click on it and select Install

After downloading Open the app

Complete the set-up and select Give permission in the app and then Allow.

Click on Skip at the top-right-hand corner of your phone.

Select Scan now and wait then for the process to complete.

Once the scan is complete, Malwarebytes will provide you with a display screen showing your malware infections (if it had found any).

Click on Remove Selected to delete it at once.

Formatting or Resetting your mobile phone

If no strategies above have been able to remove the malware from your Android, then you might want to do manual formatting to reset your device. This is the way you reset your telephone to its original condition. You will need to create a backup of your smartphone’s internal memory earlier before taking this step.

To format your smartphone, follow the steps provided:

Click on Settings

Scroll down the tap on System

Click on the Rest Options

Select Erase all data (factory reset)

Input your security Pin or password

Select Delete all

Wait till the process is complete before reviving all your data to the phone

Note: Doing a factory reset will delete all the information inside your telephone’s Memory (however not the SD card because it is an external memory), hence you must make sure that your smartphone is backed up before your formatting.

Be careful with what you choose to install on your android device

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