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Reduce Data Usage On Your Device

Hello, it’s time for us to learn about how to save data while using our pc or mobile device for surfing the internet. In the series of tutorial, you’re going to learn a lot about data saving, setting up of your browsers, how to save data, recommended applications to help you optimise the use of your data bundle subscription for ...

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How to Download a Video From YouTube

Sometimes you love to keep the videos you view online, especially videos watched on YouTube. To get a video from YouTube you just need to get the video link. On Mobile Phones Goto your YouTube App or browser while video is opened Click short button Click copy link Go back to a browser Visit SavefromNet Enter the URL by pasting video ...

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How to tell if your Android phone has the HummingBad malware

Bad news: a malicious app has taken hold of about 10 million Android phones around the world, and it’s creepy. Security specialist Check Point says the software, called HummingBad, can take root in your phone, collecting your personal data and making it act like you’ve clicked on ads that you haven’t. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to see ...

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How to Block Ads On Your SmartPhone Using AdGuard

The Android apps market has gotten so much share today in the Mobile apps marketplace, especially on the fact that every developer can publish apps freely for end users in exchange for ads. Majority of apps users prefer using apps for free unknown to some that indirectly it isn’t free because they pay even more via the ads that displays ...

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