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How To Test Your Keyboard for KeyStroke Problem

Replacing the Desktop keyboards is easy and relatively cheap, but for Laptops it isn’t as it is integrated and maybe expensive depending of the model of computer and keyboard design.

There are times when you want to test the functionality of a keyboard, most especially when you discover that a key is pressing itself you may have different options actually available for you to use.

Imagine waking up a day and want to use your computer keyboard and discover a key is pressing itself example is one of the alphanumeric keys or the typing keys, how do you actually figure this out this might actually be a problem.

Below I’m going to illustrate so many ways in which you can figure out the problem regarding pressing of the keys of your keyboard.

  1. Open a text editor like Microsoft Word or even the Microsoft Notepad: when you open the notepad if any of the typing keys is a problem you will see the key(s) continuously typing. For example, if key S is faulty you will key S typing continuously.
  2. On-Screen Keyboard: Another way of testing out is using the on-screen keyboard. Although this method has its own limitation as it can only test for some few keys like your shift key your Alternate (Alt) keys (Left and Right), Control (Ctrl) keys even the Caps lock but for the typing keys you can’t see it popping or highlighted like what you have when you hit on your shift key or your FN key which is a key for activating the function keys.
  3. Using Third Party Software: this is a most reliable method of testing your keyboard for keystroke problems. One tested and reliable software would like to recommend to you is the KeyboardTest software by PassMark. This software has the ability to
    • Verify all the keys that are functioning on your keyboard,
    • Check your keyboard led and also
    • Test the mechanical typing speed of keys
    • Examine internal code being generated by the keyboard it can test out for down and ups strokes registration

And can do a lot more on your keyboard and mouse as you use it. I really recommend this software for you to try although pricey.

Do you know more methods for testing out keyboard Strokes or Faults? Please feel free to share with us in the comments side below. we are glad to add it as upgrade to this article.

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