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How to Move Archived Mail from a PST File to Office 365

Summary: When it comes to moving archived PST email to Office 365, you can choose to import the files with a few steps. However, migration may not be smooth when importing large-sized PST files to an Office 365 account. While most of the migration process may fare well, there’s a possibility that some of your email data might become corrupt or lost. This article will explain the manual process to move archived emails from PST file to Office 365, and will also discuss about the possible scenarios related to the problems you may encounter during the migration, and its solution.

If you have decided to move your archived mail from PST file to your Office 365 email account, you can do so by manually moving the files.

Importing archived email from a PST file in Office 365 mailbox

You can import a ‘.pst’ file to Office 365 by using the Import/Export option, as mentioned in the steps below:

Step 1 – Open Outlook 2010/2013/2016

Step 2 – Disconnect all the PST files to be imported from the Outlook client, by choosing the Close ‘.pst’ option on the right-click of your PST file in your folder list

Step 3 – Exit your Outlook application

Step 4 – Relaunch the Outlook application to ascertain that the PST files are free from any connections from the client.

Step 5 – Next, create a destination folder in your Office 365 mailbox

Step 6 – Select the destination folder by clicking on it

NOTE: This is the folder where your archived emails from PST file will be imported into.

Step 7 – Now, in Outlook, choose File > Open & Export > Import/Export


Step 8 – From the Import and Export Wizard dialog box, select Import from another program or file and then click Next.

Step 9 – Select Outlook Data File (.pst) from the Import a File dialog box, and hit Next

Step 10 – Click on the Browse button to navigate to your.pst file location. Once you’ve found the file, select it and the path of the file should appear in the field next to the Browse button.

Note: If you don’t know the location of the PST file on your system, right-click on the “mail_archive” option from the main menu of your Outlook profile, and then click on “Data File Properties”. In the pop-up window that shows up, click the “Advanced” button and you’ll find location of the PST file listed under Filename.

Step 11 – Choose whether you want to allow, replace, or avoid importing duplicate items, and then click on Next.

Step 12 – To import the entire .pst file, select the main folder that contains all the subfolders, and then choose the checkbox labeled Include subfolders

Step 13 – You can choose to import the items into the current or an existing folder, and then click on Finish

Problems you may encounter when importing large-sized PST files in Office 365

As discussed above, while importing large-sized PST files into Office 365, you may encounter some problems such as:

  • PST file corruption: Large-sized PST files (>10GB) are prone to corruption
  • Splitting oversized PST file manually can be risky and time-consuming: Importing large PST files in Office 365 will require you to split the files into small sizes, which can be time-consuming. While splitting a ‘.pst’ file of 5GB or 10 GB might not seem a problem to you, but splitting a PST file of more than 20 GB can be challenging and risky.

How to Fix the Problem?

If you encounter any of the above situations, use Stellar Repair for Outlook Technician and here’s why:

  • Repairs severely corrupt PST file: The software repairs large PST files irrespective of its size and extent of damage.
  • Saves time and manual efforts: The software compacts or split the repaired PST file without causing corruption, and save the file in Office 365.

    For more information on how you can repair and compact corrupt PST file, refer to the KB link – How to ‘Repair and Compact’ corrupt PST file with Stellar Repair for Outlook Technician?

Additional Benefits of the Stellar PST Repair software are:

  • Recovers deleted Outlook emails. This feature comes in handy when you need to refer to old emails and attachments that were accidentally deleted or lost.
  • Imports the repaired PST files in Office 365
  • The software allows you to view and save a log report of the complete PST repair process
  • Saves recovered email in different file formats
  • The software conducts deep scan to carry out a precise recovery of all the recoverable data.

Summing Up

You can use the ‘Import/Export’ option to move archived email from PST file to your Office 365 account. However, when moving large-sized email attachments, chances are that some of the data might get lost or corrupt. This is where Stellar Repair for Outlook Technician software comes in handy. The software not only recovers your lost, encrypted or corrupted PST files, but also exports the recovered files to Office 365.




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