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Google Photos: A Surprising Storage Tool To Keep Your Photos

Taking pictures is a day to day activity and most at times the space we have aren’t enough to store all our good catchy pics and we are baffled at which pics to keep and let go, but here is the good news you don’t have to let any pic go because of space any longer for to every problem there is an equivalent solution. You can now save all your pics without boxing to let anyone go.

Wow is that possible? You mean I can take as much pics as I want?

Smiles yes you can and can also take pics of your growing children for reference purpose when they are grown also. Okay all much said lets dive into the main gist you have been waiting for.

Google photo

Yes Google photo presents you the very opportunity to save unlimited photos without consideration of deleting for space and amazingly this is just one the functions it can carry out, it can also by its self-intelligence create a video of your photos stored over the years I know you must have screamed wow or smiled but let’s take an illustration for bettering understanding;

Let’s say you have a girl child, won’t it be amazing if at the end of a season a video of hers shows up with the pictures stored over the years created by Google photos in your private account? Yes, it will of course; more amazing is the fact that you don’t even need to go about in search for Google Photo app because it’s right there in your phone (Preinstalled in Android phones)! That’s amazing right?  You can also share your pictures or album with anyone over the internet or client without you being there, most importantly security is guaranteed and you don’t have to store the photos in your SD card any longer. Just upload directly from your phones.

I bet you Google photo app is a journey of no regret! So grab your smart phone (Android or iOS Device) and check in your app list, start exploring, take pictures, share pictures, save pictures and have a nice day.

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