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Amazon Streaming services now feature’s on Waze

It’s been eight years since the crowd sourced navigation app took a positive turn in the tech industry; the memories still play’s out in the plain minds of its founders, the “Tim Cook’s” day as its fondly referred to had paved the way for Googles new product Waze in the forefront of GPS technology. The search engine icons purchased the Israeli-based organization for $1.3 billion in 2013, decorating it with intrinsic resources that should assist them with keeping contenders Apple and Facebook in check.

The idea seemed quite a bit vague in 2007 when introduced by an Israeli’s based organization: a navigation app that harnesses the power of the crowd. The users are those who use of maps while they drive, an app that tracks and stores all active users’ locations via GPS signals and so could aid directing them to less crowded routes and balanced traffic. It’s a navigation app that fights traffic. At the point, the market toggled across traditional navigation products: usually costly GPS frameworks with worked in maps that had no live connection to information and primarily guided a driver on where to go to get to desired destination. Waze was uniquely apt.

Over the recent years, Waze has been working out an assortment of features, integrations and music partnership contracts that permit control legitimately inside the Waze platform. Currently, Amazon Music is joining Waze. Continuing in the strides of Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, and others, Amazon music now feature’s on the wave. With this feature, Waze users can choose a music icon in the route interface to pick from the rundown of applications accessible and enjoy a handful of “tunes on the move”. Amazon Music would need a native installation on the gadget in use, however controls can be accessed completely from the navigation application.

Waze is an essential part of Google’s activity, with over 100 million active users all over the world. This update is rolling bent Waze users starting today. Integration is out there on Android through the Google Play Store or iOS through the App Store. You can sign up for Amazon Music here.

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