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Why People Use Multiple Operating Systems on a Computer

Computing by computer users experience great changes daily from software programs to hardware. Operating system as a major software in computing takes new faces in the Microsoft development world. Windows operating systems come in different editions for every released version by Microsoft. This has caused many users of windows to i) Swap from one to another (ii) upgrade (iii) or even take a test from analyzing how each works. The question come in “why people install multiple operating systems?”

  1. Testing operating system feature: when an operating system is released people want to test for themselves the features contained before buying or upgrading existing ones. Just upgrading or installing such operating system might be dangerous to a business or computer user. Especially when the computer plays a major role in daily running of activities. Demo and advertisement of release isn’t enough to just make a decision.
  2. Experimentation: IT professionals sometimes installs multiple operating systems to experiment their ideas. Software developers test their software for compatibility issues before releasing for public use.
  3. Tech Support: Tech support professionals who assist users of their products and services installs multiple operating systems to assist users of different operating systems. This is always observed during support, they ask what kind of phone or computer are you using, Model or even ask of the operating system kind/version directly. In order to assist such customer they must be very conversant with such operating systems.
  4. Training purpose: Educators may have to install many operating system as they need when training on operating systems as a subject matter. They sometimes teach by getting trainees aware of features accompanying operating systems by making use of virtual computing using Virtual machines like virtual Box, VMWare etc.

Finally, with the invention of several modern ways of computing computer users can now install operating systems the way they want during experimental testing by using virtual machines without having to border physical computer (Host computer) hard drive by partitioning or going through a lot of process that may affect present operating system. Virtual machine is a safer way for testing operating systems and operating systems can be easily discarded by just a clicking on buttons while still on our operating systems.

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