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Stop wasting time here is the list of the best Android lunchers

These Android Launchers Will Change the Way You Use Your Phone

AIO Launcher

AOI Launcher puts pretty much all you require on the home screen itself: apps, gadget data, battery level, frequently used apps,, contact data, clocks, your email, the news, etc. The thought is you invest less energy gazing at your smart phone, since all you require is not too far off in a glanceable organization.

You can see your assignments list, see your tweets, check stock costs, and even beginning a sound chronicle, all from the home screen—and there’s even a small control board, as well. The entirety of this can be altered as you see fit, so you can dispose of anything you don’t need. The application offers bounty for nothing but its enjoyable.

T-UI Launcher
On the off chance that you wish present day smart phones were much more like old-school computers, at that point the T-UI Launcher is ideal for you: Basically, you work your handset from a command line, composing the names of the applications you need to utilize and the settings that you need to change, while seeing key data handed-off on-screen in a long square of brilliant content.

While it’s not for the cowardly, T-UI Launcher gives you a lot of help to raise you to an acceptable level with how the interface functions, and there are a lot of various approaches to design the interface. There’s even an underlying RSS peruser you can use, just as an assortment of outsider skins for T-UI Launcher that you can introduce to change its general appearance.

Indistractable Launcher
The Indistractable Launcher is still being developed, so anticipate a periodic bug, however the launcher is intended to make the interface on your Android telephone as lightweight and as negligible as could be expected under the circumstances. Introduce it and immediately your phone is simpler to use, with simply a fundamental task rundown and admittance to your Phone application available on the underlying home screen.

The remainder of your apps are only a swipe away, and you can undoubtedly look through them. We like the gadgets that accompany this launcher, which shows the climate just as how far during that time and the year you are. 


Your home screen will never look the same again once you introduce Ap15, in light of the fact that symbols and lattices are out and words and lettering are in. There’s just one screen, however you can set the shading, the style, and the size of the font style utilized on it to fit whatever stylish you’re going for. As far as basic moderation, it’s outstanding amongst other Android launchers there is.

The more you dispatch and utilize specific applications, the greater the application’s title gets, so you can without much of a stretch see which applications you depend on most. You can download, alter, and utilize the application for nothing.
 Niagara Launcher

Naturally, Android lets you keep your most significant applications from your less significant applications—it’s the means by which the home screens and the application app drawer work—however the Niagara Launcher takes this to the following level. You can pick a limit of only eight apps for the home screen, while the rest are kept covered up in a fairly beautiful looking over side menu.

With some cool gadgets and plan choices to mess with, the Niagara Launcher truly can change the manner in which you utilize your mobile phone. You did want to give a try.

6. Ratio

Ratio means to get you to utilize your phone less yet more proficiently. Shadings and interruptions are limited, with fundamental data like notes and your timetable on screen so you don’t need to borrow for it. It smoothes out the entirety of your informing applications into one easy to-follow feed called Tree and watches how long you’re utilizing each of your applications.

Utilizing an arrangement of auto-measuring drawers, the quantity of applications that are effectively available is restricted, and it changes as the day progressed. At the end of the day, you presently don’t have columns and lines of vivid symbols yelling for your consideration, and this is finished adaptable. It’s allowed to download and utilize.
7. Before Launcher

The Before Launcher needs to carry effortlessness to your cell phone insight. That begins with the applications, which are decreased to a hand-picked rundown of text marks, and it stretches out to notices. An inherent warning channel apparatus implies you’re possibly upset when significant alarms show up, with the rest remained careful for when you have time for them.

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