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Reduce Data Usage On Your Device

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Hello, it’s time for us to learn about how to save data while using our pc or mobile device for surfing the internet. In the series of tutorial, you’re going to learn a lot about data saving, setting up of your browsers, how to save data, recommended applications to help you optimise the use of your data bundle subscription for surfing the internet.
Most a times when surf the internet you discover that the rate at which you spend on browsing or the rate at which your data bundle get exhausted is so fast that you get worried about what exactly you have used it for. This series will expose to you some of the areas where you have been spend it too much and also demonstrate metered data usage.

The following are areas where your data gets burnt faster
1. Watching online videos
2. Online games
3. Social media websites all applications
4. Software updates on your device
5. Web pages with high resolution graphics
6. File downloads and uploads
7. Data synchronisation
8. Online meetings, conferences and screencast.

Having highlighted these various areas, we are also going to learn some various ways of preventing too much data usage and various tools free or premium that we can use to avoid too much expenses on data subscription.
We are also going to lay using cross platform on your
1. Mobile device and
2. On your laptop

Don’t forget to follow up this series as we go along the various published articles

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