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How to View Saved WiFi Password in Windows

To see the WiFi password on your Windows PC, you need to ensure that you are connected to the WiFi network or have recently connected with the WiFi network. Provided that this is true, then, go to bottom right corner of your window PC right-click on the WiFi symbol in the framework plate and pick Open Network and Sharing Center. Go to the status on the lift hand menu, on the change your network setting you will see network and sharing center. This will take you to the control panel. Locate the icon for Wi-Fi, right-click on it and select ...

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Firefox: Website Content will Require Your Approval to Display Flash Content by 2017

By Year 2017, Mozilla Firefox will require a “click-to-activate approval” from you before you can trigger Flash-enabled videos and other Display material on a website, Mozilla engineering manager Ben Smedberg said in a short article. This means that flash content material will remain inactive unless you simply click a link or icon that says: “Activate Adobe flash player.” You can currently do the same thing yourself in Mozilla Firefox by manually setting Display to “Ask to stimulate.” But next seasons shift will be impressive due to the new default status for all Mozilla firefox browser users. Flash player has always ...

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What is Malware

Malware is a software that causes harm to individual computers or an organization network.  it is a written program with the intention of causing harm to Computers, Phones, and other portable devices. Software developers are responsible for the creation of malware with the intention of gaining access to locked away documents. Are all Malware Dangerous Yes! All Malware are considered dangerous because they invade your private documents, access your files and then make public to whoever it wishes (hackers). Which means your files can be accessed by anyone by anyone in need for it. Malware is targeted to access information ...

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What is a Virus?

A computer virus is a program that replicates itself by copying itself to another program. In other words, computer virus replicates or spreads by copying itself into other executable programs or documents. Computer virus is created to first infect then get access and control a computer to steal user important data. Viruses are designed by hackers with a venomous intent and also to trick online users into getting exactly what they want. How Virus Spreads Emails: Email is one of the ideal methods by which viruses– opening the attachments in emails Unsecured Websites: visiting unsecured websites, viewing Executable files: clicking ...

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