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How to Make a Printer Default for your Computer

Setting up default printer for your computer can be very useful if you do your print jobs on more than one computer or you make use of a database application that have an instant print action. Whether a printer is directly connected as local printer or shared on a network at office, home or public; you might want to make a printer default because you frequently make use of it for your printing tasks. To do this you will have to go to windows control panel on your windows computer and do the setup yourself in less than a minute.

Goto Control Panel and Click on Devices and Printers and all your devices registered to your computer will be displayed. Shared printers are always indicated with a sharing icon while local printer are left with the printer default icon.

Right click on the printer you wish to make default printer and click on Set as Default Printer and that is all.

Any printer can be set as default network or Local but be reminded that an unavailable shared printer may be very frustrating especially when you aren’t aware you set up the wrong printer.

But the good news is that despite this top most application software (like Microsoft office application) still give you the option of selecting the printer you want to make use of.


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