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How to Block Ads On Your SmartPhone Using AdGuard


The Android apps market has gotten so much share today in the Mobile apps marketplace, especially on the fact that every developer can publish apps freely for end users in exchange for ads.
Majority of apps users prefer using apps for free unknown to some that indirectly it isn’t free because they pay even more via the ads that displays on their screens.
Ads can be so disturbing to some phone users especially the pop-up types and the aggressively coloured ones. The developer gives you options; buy the app (Ads free) or keep it for free.
This is where things becomes more difficult for end users, some developers hard code their apps to display on many locations, in-content and above all pop-up ads. When users start finding this annoying they find a way out of such annoying ads (Uninstall, Buy, or Block the ads).
Today we are going to learn how to remove ads from popping up while usingĀ  Android smartphone free apps.
Watch the Video above to learn how to do this on your mobile phone using Adguard Android App to block ads.
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NB Developers: App Users know apps aren’t free, they only prefer paying via ads, when it becomes annoying they got to do something.Adguard

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